Abhiram to Shoulder Suresh Productions Legacy

Suresh Productions has a very rich legacy in Tollywood. After Naidu semi-retired, his elder son, Suresh Babu took over the responsibilities and younger son, Venkatesh ventured into acting and became one of the top heroes of his era. Now, Suresh Babu wants the third generation of Daggubati family also to continue the same tradition.Sometime ago, reports emerged that discussions were underway to launch Suresh Babu’s younger son Abhiram as a hero. However, the latest we hear is that the idea has been dropped.

Suresh Babu feels that as Rana is already shouldering the ‘acting (on-screen)’ legacy of Daggubati family, Abhiram should look after their production house, Suresh productions and Ramanaidu studio, and thus step into his shoes .

Abhiram has already been working in the production department for the last couple of years so Suresh Babu wants him to continue the same instead of trying his hand at acting where most star kids have failed to meet the expectations.


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