Swapna (Tanvi Vyas) belongs to an orthodox joint family and she is brought up in a very restrictive environment. Fed up with the restrictions, she convinces her dad and goes abroad for further studies. There, she happens to meet Krish (Rahul Ravindran), who comes across as a carefree guy. Krish believes in living life on his own terms and this quality endears him to Swapna.

Both of them spend some quality time and soon fall in love. Swapna returns to India for a family function and brings Krish along with her. During the function, an ugly incident causes a rift between Krish and Swapna’s family members.

Krish also finds out a bitter truth about his life and this information upsets him. He sheds his playful lifestyle and starts working hard. What truth did Krish find out? Why did he start working so hard? Does he end up marrying Swapna? That is the story of ‘Nenem Chinna Pillana’.

Nenem Chinnapillana 

Directed              :  P. Sunil Kumar Reddy
Produced            :  D. Ramanaidu
Written                 :  Satyanandh (Dialogues )
Story                    :  Balabhadrapatruni Ramani
Starring                :  Rahul Ravindran
                             : Tanvi Vyas
                             :  Sanjjanaa
Music                    :  M. M. Srilekha
Cinematography  :  Sabu James
Production            :  Suresh Productions
Release dates      :  8 November 2013
Country                 :  India
Language             :  Telugu


Rahul Ravindran as Krish
Tanvi Vyas as Swapna
Sharath Babu
L.B. Sriram
Kasi Viswanath
Thagubothu Ramesh
Jaya Prakash Reddy
D. Ramanaidu (cameo)